Who we are ?

We are a small team who loves to work with great people on high added-value projects. We have always been driven by passion and tech for good.

What we do ?

We build startups & web based solutions. We help design, build and deliver web/sass projects in incubation or collaboration modes.

Software Expertise

We do web solutions and we do it the right way. From ideation to production. Our web solutions are used by millions of users. More

Startup incubation

We have a special love for startups. We take risk with you to make it happen. We bring our digital expertise and small investment. The incubation period takes between 5-9 months before spin out. More


Unknown Analytics [Beta ]

Essential and anonymous website analytics service that respects your customers. #sass #analytics #anonymous

Gitlab Source

Parachute [MVP stage ]

Extend yours website with popins and widgets with 0 code and 0 stress. Manage your campaigns with A/B targeting. Analytics, actions and more ... #nocode #sass #analytics

Collaboration & IT Services

We work with a 3-9 months project lifecycle. More details


We will be more than happy to help you build your digital solution, for that we have a custom plans for NGOs (up to 35% discount). Please drop us a line for more details.